Politics to safety

Your pay and personal information always out of harm's way. Our protocols of priv (SSL) correspond to the industry standards and included in a number the best from the accessible today programs for realization of safe commercial transactions. They code all your personal information,including the address of e-mail,number of purse.Therefore she is accessible nowhere in the internet. All pages of our web site, that pass the personal data, use SSL- encipherement.

Our command on network safety and corresponding infrastructure protect your data from the most difficult hacker attacks. Our methods of network safety are below mentioned. They are intentionally described only broadly speaking, as hackers aim to know, what tacticians of safety we use. If you need additional information about our network safety, contact with us.

All transferrable data in FEDERIND are coded with the use of protocols of SSL; we use certificates, produced SHA 256 on the base of CA, to guarantee safe connection of browsers of users with our service. We use such newest and strongest keys for an encipherement, as AES _ CBC/AES _ GCM 256 bit/128 bit, SHA2 for authentification of messages and ECDHE _ RSA as a mechanism of exchange by the keys.

Our network is closed and screened by the powerful certificated systems of finding/out prevention of encroachments.

All appeals are controlled and checked up.

The appendixes of FEDERIND work in the protected, sectionalized operating system worked out for providing of safety and taking to a minimum.

A traffic entering FEDERIND is automatically checked up in the presence of malwares by means of modern, regularly renewed protocols of scan-out on viruses.