Privacy Policy

Personal information is collected, used, stored, disclosed and destroyed subject to the owners knowledge and in accordance with generally accepted international privacy laws.

Personal information

Visitors to the FEDERIND and participants in the investment process are required to provide personal information to access the data and our Services. To register on our site, a visitor may be asked to voluntarily provide such personal information as:

In addition, like most sites, we collect anonymous statistical information about visitors using the information we provide and the Services. This data is used by us to analyze the performance of our hardware and software systems, determine the needs and interests of visitors and improve the overall effectiveness of our site. This including such information as:

All foregoing information is used by the employees of FEDERIND and our system for internal aims. We never sell to her third persons, we do not collect and does not keep her in commercial aims.

FEDERIND cares of safety of the personal data and uses different software for maintenance of information about the members.

Pay attention, that the letters sent in FEDERIND by e-mail are popular documents and can be archived and looked over by the recipient supposed not only.

A web-site FEDERIND can contain references to the external resources belonging to noncommercial or private organizations etc. These references take place for the sake of comfort of visitors and users, they do not carry advertisement character, does not impose the point of view, politics, foods or services of one or another web-site. Going across on reference to the web-site, not belonging FEDERIND, you accede to Terms of the use of this web-site, including his privacy policy.