Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum and maximum amount to make a deposit?
You can invest a minimum of $ 10. And a maximum of $ 100,000.
What is the minimum payout amount?
What is the maximum amount you can withdraw?
What payment systems are available for investment?
The following payment systems are available for making a deposit:Perfect Money,PAYEER,BitCoin and Ethereum .
How many contributions can I make to one investment plan?
You can make an unlimited number of contributions to any investment proposal from our company.
Where can I find information about your company?
You can find all the information about our company in the ABOUT US section.
How can I get help?
You can find our contacts on the page SUPPORT.
How can I recover my password?
How can I change my e-mail specified during registration?
Email change is available upon request. Contact Support.
Can I get a percentage for the referral without your own contribution?
Yes it is possible.
Do you have a withdrawal fee?
We do not charge a fee for withdrawal.
What referral rewards do you offer to your investors?
To learn about this and others, read the section AFFILIATE.