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Trades cryptocurrency funds on specialized exchanges, minimizing failures and drawdowns by restructuring investment funds. With the help of spatial and currency arbitrage, we create the most comfortable conditions for the fulfillment of our investment obligations to clients in full.

Carrying out trading operations, combining the purchase and sale of currencies with the appropriate actions to make a profit due to the difference in exchange rates in different currency markets for a certain period of time, our team of traders successfully implements time and currency arbitrage.

In addition, FEDERIND owns technologies that allow companies to use latent arbitration in their commercial activities. Latent arbitrage (the most modern form of high-frequency (HTF) trading) gives our traders an advantage over their competitors in auctions, thanks to faster access to the market price of the sale of the exchange-traded asset. Or rather, due to faster access to the current rate of cryptocurrency. Our approach involves reducing the time it takes for an order to pass from the initial to the final point, and our traders use predatory algorithms to develop scenarios that determine the response of orders for execution in the event of a movement of demand and supply up or down. Possession of such information gives our traders huge, almost risk-free arbitrage opportunities. This strategy has been implemented by specialists of our company, thanks to monetary investments in its technical development. It allows us to achieve success and securely receive higher profits under other equal conditions.

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Our company carries out its activities on exchange operations with cryptocurrencies for five years. And all this time it has been demonstrating stable growth and an increase in the base of trading assets, thanks to the constant development of its trading strategy, the use of innovative crypto solutions and cryptocurrency exchange trading technologies.

The presence of official registration and all necessary licenses allows our company to exchange cryptocurrencies and participate in international auctions. FEDERIND was created as an exchange trading company, providing its services to investors around the world. Work with our company & ndash; the key to your success and prosperity in the near future.

Why is this the most effective trading method?

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HFT-trader using latent arbitrage
+ predatori algorithms
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Then, when an ordinary trader is still waiting for a response to a cryptocurrency exchange order, the HTF trader ALREADY Then, it is a request for a cryptocurrency exchange order, the HTF trader